7 Booktubers to Watch on YouTube for Thriller Books

There are just a sprinkling of the BookTubers on YouTube that bring me absolute joy in the reading community. A lot of them gravitate toward thriller books, because that’s my typical MO, but there’s some genre diversity. And, no, there’s no particular order.

I love them all equally, damn it! You can’t prove otherwise! Without further adieu, enjoy the bookish epicness! Or, click off the page? Whatever’s your prerogative as a reader, right? I accept your choice.



Noelle Galleghar

Katie Colson

Jordaline Reads

Crystal’s Bookish Life


While some of these Booktubers aren’t always centered around thrillers, mysteries, or spooky books, they are all worth a watch and they all bring out the need for me to hug them and be BFF’s.

Although, I don’t plan on Joe Goldberg-ing them, I promise. (If you know, you know).

Keep Reading Book Fam,


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