Review: Nanny Needed Georgina Cross

A book that isn’t what you think it is, in a good way.

Lately, I’ve been super into domestic thrillers with a twist. Books that straddle the line of “typical” domestic thrillers or thrillers with rich people problems, but jump off the path of reader expectations.

While reading Nanny Needed, this book totally fit the bill. Hit all my happy buttons.

Behold, the blurb:

101 West 78th Street.
Call for interview: 212-555-0122. Paid weekly.
Discretion is of the utmost importance.
Special conditions apply.

When Sarah Larsen answers the Bird family’s advertisement, her life changes overnight.

The job seems like a dream come true, nannying in a glamorous penthouse apartment with a salary that adds several zeroes to her current income.

Sarah signs an NDA without a second thought. These are important people, after all – they can’t be too careful about who they let into their home.

But all too soon she realizes there is something very strange about the Bird family.

She’s been hired as a nanny. But the child doesn’t exist…

It’s as if someone took Jane Eyre and mashed it together with something from The Conjuring for all the psychological shivers down my spine. Some of my favorite troupes were:

  • A charge that’s a little out of the ordinary. Check.
  • Ominous secrets and withheld information. Check.
  • Psychological, spooky twists and turns. Check.
  • Fantastic character development. Check.
  • Rich people who think they can get away with anything. Check.

While the original twist is revealed in the first twenty percent of the book, my mouth gapped open and I was a little sad. If that was the big reveal, how could the plot come back from that without disappointing me? It was a tough act to follow.

I should have known the author had a plan.

A plan to make me physically uncomfortable, gasp, and have all my muscles tense for the next three hours that I read that damn book until it was done. There wasn’t a single one of my brain cells that wasn’t invested in this book. The twists and turns kept me alert and on edge through every chapter.

Even during my one-sitting of Nanny Needed, I kept stopping to rant at my partner. He absolutely needed to know what was happening, right that second. It’s that kind of psychological whirlwind. Where you can’t help but frantically share so someone can sympathize, meanwhile you’re itching to get back to the reading again.

All of the twists and turns had me so geared up, I was ready to sink or swim with the MC,(main character), and while I guessed some of the few small pieces to their chaotic family secrets, I didn’t come close to guessing the whole shebang.

From start to finish, Cross spiderwebbed out a complicated, sleight of hand that left me thinking about this book for several days after I read it. She also went on my auto buy list. And I bought her entire backlist…as soon as I finished the book.

No joke, read this stunning psychological masterpiece. Or have major FOMO.

The choice is yours, reader.

Keep Reading Book Fam,