Game On: Stephanie Plum Series Janet Evanovich Book Review

The Stephanie Plum book series is like a warm, cozy blanket that I like to curl up with when I’ve had a bad day.

Every read I know exactly what I’m getting: hijinks, calamity, and an achingly annoying love triangle that I absolutely cannot quit.

While Diesel was a nice addition to the book, this was cut from the same cloth as the other books in the series. It was familiar but different, if only slightly, and each page gave me exactly what I wanted from the characters. Although, I won’t lie. I miss the Wicked Charm series more than I miss Stephanie Plum.

Please write more Wicked Charms books, pretty please?

I only wish that everyone in their right mind with a penis didn’t want to sleep with Stephanie. That’s a fun little add-in that doesn’t need to be a thing, as it makes her unlikable because it’s very “Mary Sue”.

For those who aren’t used to that term, it means she’s too perfect because every guy wants her in his bed.

There was a switch in this book that I did appreciate, but mostly, I come back for the characters and the author seems to understand that point. Some of my favorite moments involved new side characters and Lula’s bad juju. But the calamities kind of fit into all of the boxes were used to as readers.

Cars blow up? Check.

Ranger bugs her stuff? Check.

Lula want’s Cluck in a Bucket. Check.

Although some of the plot was hum-drum, I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever stop reading this series. We’ve been through too much together. I love everyone far too much and I’m not ready to say goodbye, despite the Morelli/Ranger drama. Who would feed Rex or help Grandma learn hacking?

Even if the endings are wrapping up too quickly and too conveniently these days and how the books are more about the absurd rather the actual mysteries, it’s still a fun read.

This is a solid book in the series, but not as good as the last installment. A wonderful book to pick up if you miss the people in it. Other than that, I guess I’ll continue picking one up every time it releases, unable to quit it.

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