The Best of YouTube Booktuber OliviaReadsALatte (IMO)

I’m no stranger to BookTube, especially thriller, cozy mystery, and paranormal BookTube. It’s basically my life line as the whole world falls apart right now.

Sanity is overrated, right?

So, to compensate, I’ve been binging reading sprints from my favorite BookTubers including OliviaReadsALatte.

This majestic Queen is my relatable, quirky favorite who just soothes my soul. Her vlogs feel like chatting with a best friend who’s a tad a little overcaffeinated and kind of all over the place–in the BEST way.

Her cozy mystery book rec’s are gold and her B-roll of Ginger and Jake, her cat and dog, just ugh, MY HEART.

Venture into these awesome waters if you want to be soothed on a Sunday or laugh after a shitty day at work.

Do you feel compelled to subscribe to her channel yet? If not, who are you? I’m standing here in shocked horror and you should be ashamed! Ashamed, I say!

*clears throat* Anyway…

At the end of April I’ll be participating in Olivia and Gabby’s annual readathon called Spring-fling-o-ween where we read spooky or thrilling books together for 4 days and I’m so stupidly excited, I even picked up my first bit of merch!

Keep Reading Book Fam,


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