The Best of YouTube Booktuber GabbyReads (IMO)

I found Gabby through OliviaReadsALatte because they run my favorite readathon of all time together: Summerween.

This Swiftie BookTuber is infectious, bubbly, enthusiastic, and really knows her thriller books. I have yet to be disappointed by a recommendation.

Her live streams are also super fun. Her book club, The Book Troop, is hysterical in that I don’t think she’s liked a single pick yet? I could be wrong, but so far, they’re batting a low average.

Check her out if you enjoy niche horror, unique thrillers, a spattering of romance, and frequent used bookstore shop with me’s.

Also, my God, her ability to read so quickly? I wish reading was my only job, but I’ve got a little one who needs tending to, so no luck there.

Instead, I’ll have to settle for nabbing audiobooks of Gabby’s recc’s from my local library and listening while I teach my kiddo to stand upright. Nothing like ooky-spooky happening in your ears while your toddler coos at you, am I right?

Keep Reading Book Fam,


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